EDD check has user purchased product with Breakdance condition

Renato Corluka
Renato Corluka
April 18, 2024

Step 1: Condition setup

Using some code snippets plugin we are going to register custom condition in Breakdance. Also you could create small custom plugin and drop this code there.

We are using breakdance_register_template_types_and_conditions action which will run our function called register_edd_purchase_check_condition. That function will register custom condition to check edd_has_user_purchased some product in Easy Digital Downloads.

To change name in Breakdance builder, you can change ‘label’ => ‘{change_me}’ array parameter.


function register_edd_purchase_check_condition() {
    if (!function_exists('\Breakdance\ConditionsAPI\register')) {

        'supports' => ['element_display'],
        'slug' => 'edd-user-purchase-check',
        'label' => 'EDD User Purchase Check',
        'category' => 'User Conditions',
        'operands' => ['equals', 'not equals'],
        // No predefined values; admin inputs the download ID directly
        'values' => null, // This allows for a text input in the Breakdance UI
        'allowMultiselect' => false,
        'callback' => function($operand, $value) {
            $user_id = get_current_user_id();
            if (!$user_id) {
                // If no user is logged in, the condition cannot be met
                return false;

            $download_id = trim($value);
            if (!is_numeric($download_id)) {
                // If the download ID is not numeric, the condition cannot be properly evaluated
                return false;

            $has_purchased = edd_has_user_purchased($user_id, $download_id);
            if ($operand === 'equals' && $has_purchased) {
                return true; // User HAS purchased the download
            } elseif ($operand === 'not equals' && !$has_purchased) {
                return true; // User has NOT purchased the download

            return false;

add_action('breakdance_register_template_types_and_conditions', 'register_edd_purchase_check_condition');

Step 2: Using condition inside Breakdance

We have new conditions called EDD User Purchase Check now inside conditions modal. And we need to equals operator and product ID to check has user purchased particular product.

NOTE: This will just check has user purchased particular product, and alone won’t be enough to check does user have active subscription. For that we need another condition.

Edd Breakdance Purchased Setup
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