Headspin Copilot installs as WordPress plugin.


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  1. From WordPress admin panel navigate Plugins > Add new
  2. From there, click Upload plugin and this will provide you with upload field
  3. Upload .zip file that you have downloaded earlier
  4. Click Install now button to install plugin
  5. Activate plugin

License activation

Once the plugin has been uploaded, you’ll be prompted to activate it.

If you don’t activate license immediately, you could also do it later from WordPress admin panel by navigating Headspin > License.

Activation process:

  1. You will see input field where you should enter you license key
  2. Click on Activate button to activate license

If you have done everything correctly instead of Activate license, you should see Deactivate License button.

Entering your license key will enable one-click updates from the WordPress admin panel.

How to Open and Use Headspin Copilot

From WordPress admin panel, just click on Headspin menu item and your Headspin Copilot application will get loaded.