Copying Wireframes

To copy Wireframes from Headspin UI to your Breakdance site you should: If you have problem with Wireframes looking broken and not looking as on our site, please read common [...]
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Common problems

This page is about some common user problems while using Headspin Copilot plugin. And will be updated as we gather usage feedback about them. System requirements Please set PHP Max [...]
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Breakdance helper

For easier use inside Breakdance builder, Headspin UI provides small context menu which will populate fields inside Breakdance builder with CSS variables. To access helper context menu, you need to [...]
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Color system

Color system inside Headspin Copilot is based on Radix UI colors. These colors are well documented and crafted to support light and dark theme. Interface overview Color palette interface consists [...]
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Advanced spacing

This article will cover advanced spacing controls inside Headspin Copilot app and consists of three main parts: Min. Viewport controls Space This controls Medium step size at Min. Viewport Multiplier [...]
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Advanced typography

Advanced typography panel gives full control over typography settings to Headspin Copilot users. There are four main parts that you should be familiar with before using it: Start from typography [...]
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Theme panel overview

Theme panel overview In the image below you could see how theme panel looks. This is main panel to control theme settings inside Headspin Copilot application. Theme panel consists of: [...]
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