Refund Policy

    1. First time buyers/subscribers

    Our refund policy complies with legal requirements and does not impede your legal entitlement to a refund.

    We have full confidence in our products and offer a complete refund within 14 days of your original purchase if you are dissatisfied or encounter an issue we cannot resolve, rendering the system unusable.

    Here are some important conditions:

    • We aim to process your refund promptly but may request the opportunity to address any issues first.
    • Refunds are only available within 14 days of the initial purchase; after this period, no refunds can be issued.
    • The refund period is calculated from the date of the first purchase, regardless of any subsequent purchases or refund requests.
    • Upon receiving a refund, you must discontinue using the product and forfeit your license ownership.
    • We retain the right to deny refund requests if necessary.
    • To request a refund, please submit a support ticket.

    While we strive to adhere to these guidelines, we reserve the right to refuse refunds or issue refunds outside of these parameters if circumstances warrant such action.

    2. Subscription renewals

    If you have discontinued using our service and were billed during that period, we provide a 14-day grace period during which we offer a money-back guarantee if you failed to cancel your service subscription in time and were charged for a service you did not intend to use in the subsequent period.

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