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Headspin UI is the first framework built by Breakdance users for Breakdance users. We feature a dynamic color system, fluid typography, modular scale, a dark/light mode that will make building beautiful website faster.

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This design framework makes website building effortless with dynamic colors, fluid typography, adaptive spacing, and automatic dark/light mode integration.

Accessible colors

Our color system is made to help developers and designer avoid contrast issues by using optimized color palettes.

Fluid typography

Headspin typography system is made to use best of modern CSS features like intrinsic awareness, with fallback to viewport scaling in non-supported browsers.

Fluid spacings

Our adaptive spacing system is based on intrinsically fluid scaling. That means it will understand how big component is, and how big screen size which makes most of needed responsive adjustments itself.

Zero overhead

Headspin goal is to generate global tokens and make standardized workflow in your project. While doing all of that, we are shipping ridiculously small CSS file.

System schemas

Brand color


Custom schemas

Secondary color

Focus on important stuff

Effortlessly create accessible, visually cohesive sites with auto-adaptive colors, fluid typography, and smart spacing - all with minimal effort.


Accessible colors

Color system crafted to eliminate guesswork. System that guides you in creating accessible webisites. Seamlessely switch whole site colors, dark and light mode works out-of-box. Don't think about it, plug-and-play, just works.

Contrast algorithm


Fluid typography

Discover the transformative potential of fluid typography through the integration of modular scale and intrinsic design principles. This approach ensures optimal readability and aesthetic appeal while maintaining a consistent visual hierarchy and rhythm. The result? Engaging and cohesive reading experiences that resonate with users across diverse browsing environments.

Zero effort typography system

Modular scale
One-click setup

Adaptive spacing

Our adaptive spacing system is based on intrinsically fluid scaling. That means it will understand how big component is, and how big screen size which eliminates needed for responsive spacing adjustments in most situations.

Automatic calculations

Fluid viewport scaling
Mathematical scale
Granular fine-tuning controls



We update our wireframes Monthly

We have over 450+ lo-fi, design ready wireframes to help you build faster!

Zero effort

Streamline your design process with our Zero Effort wireframe collection. Jumpstart your projects with pre-designed templates that are adaptable and easy to use. Save time without sacrificing quality or creativity.

Mobile ready

Fully optimized for mobile, providing you with pre-designed templates that are both adaptable and easy to use. Experience the ease of designing on-the-go with our mobile-ready wireframes.

Unique layouts

Step into the realm of unmatched originality with our wireframes, showcasing unique layouts designed to revolutionize your design process. Our collection offers a diverse range of pre-designed templates, each crafted to spark innovation and set your projects apart.

Figma library

Our wireframes are also available as a Figma library. This integration offers you the convenience and efficiency of Figma for faster prototyping, ensuring that your creative workflow is seamless and productive.

Powerful testimonials

What people are saying about Headspin UI
Ak Headshot
Anakin K.
"Love Headspin UI, I actually discovered Headspin and Breakdance because of your YouTube videos. We've always built with Elementor and somehow your video infiltrated my playlist for the better! We're moving all of our clients to Breakdance, thanks to you!!"
Verified Purchase
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"I wanted to say I finally tried Headspin UI and its great. I LOVE Copilot (right click feature inside of Breakdance) with variables and I cant go back to workflows w/o it. Congrats to you Ruben, and the rest of the team. Solid work!"
Verified Purchase
281017370 10166959322970019 7864575311162075765 N
Pedro C.
"I'm really loving the Headspin UI wireframes and looking forward to the elements and full sites. I like how each wireframe is reasonably different from each other, as opposed to having thousands of super similar ones where there are only small changes!"
Verified Purchase
Headpsin Furkan
"I believe Headspin UI has HUGE potential and I believe you guys are a benefit as a whole to the community. The amount of time you guys save me is insane! "
Verified Purchase

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